Shooting on a Lazy Sunday   1 comment

Yesterday was yet another relaxing, lazy sunday afternoon. I had just come home from Miami, where I finished a job and as I sat there with my brother we decided to do something to keep us busy. So out came the camera and we shot a single shot of him and a friend riding their BMXs down the street. I wanted to use this to practice color and sound design and see what I could come up with.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

So here it is! The video includes the cut version as well as the raw version. Enjoy!

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Viewfactor Time   Leave a comment

Well I’ve finally picked up my long desired Viewfactor Contineo cage for my 7D. This cage is covered in cheese plates so I can literally mount anything around my camera just like on a real film style camera. The main advantage to having this cage, is the ability to power the camera with Anton Bauer batteries. Now instead of swapping out and recharging the LP-E6 batteries 10 times during a day shoot, a single Anton Bauer will last me the entire day and power the camera, focus range finder, EVF, monitors and whatever else I throw on the camera.

Another reason I wanted this cage was to add weight to the camera for my steadicam sled. As it was, to have the camera properly balanced on a system that took cameras between 10-20lbs, I needed to add barbell weights to the top to make it heavy enough. Not only did it look unprofessional, but it was also annoying to balance.

Anyway, here is what the camera looks like all rigged up.




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Anton Bauer on the Steadicam Sled   Leave a comment

I’ve been working on the Glidecam V-16 sled to get it up to par with more professional systems. One of the first and most important things to do was to fit an Anton Bauer gold mount plate to the bottom and picked up 3 Hytron 140s and 1 Hytron 100. After mounting everything up, here is what the sled currently looks like:


And here it is in action on a shoot yesterday night:


I can honestly say I’m very happy with the upgrade. Although I bought these batteries used, they last a hell of a long time and will be useful in the future when I pick up that Viewfactor cage (which should be pretty soon now) and will also be useful for powering up other cameras on other jobs.

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Investing in some good power   Leave a comment

I bit the bullet today and picked up four Anton Bauer batteries from a local here in Los Angeles. For anyone who has shopped around for these, you know they are not cheap. However, these can be used to power literally anything film equipment related…

The main reason I bought them was to power up my steadicam and the 7D once I pick up my Viewfactor cage… They’ll also be useful to power the upcoming highly anticipated Redrock Microremote!


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Steadicam Reel 2011 v.1   1 comment

Here is my current steadicam reel, minus a few projects I haven’t got the footage from. Enjoy!

All of this was shot on my Glidecam V-16 system and a 7D, as can be seen here:


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Ikan VX7 HDMI/HD-SDI Monitor   Leave a comment

So I picked up a Lilliput 7″ HDMI monitor for a steadicam job not too long ago but it was strictly temporary as that monitor only has composite video and HDMI inputs. What I really wanted was the VX7 from Ikan which has composite, HDMI and HD-SDI input. I need SDI input in case I ever get a job flying a camera other than a DSLR, so it was important to pick this up.

What I don’t like about it, however is that the video does not cover the entire screen of the Ikan. I find this to be extremely annoying, considering that the Lilliput does cover the whole screen without stretching the image.



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My Matte Box Has Arrived!   4 comments

So I received my new matte box in the mail yesterday from the UK. It’s a newly released matte box made by the company who introduced the SG Pro 35mm lens adapter for video cameras, Shoot35. I’m very excited about this item! Now I just need to order a set of 4×4 filters from Tiffen and voila! Here are a few photos!

shoot35,matte box,cinebox,black,dslr,canon,7d,indifocus pro,Indisystem

shoot35,cinebox,matte box,7d,canon,black,indifocus pro,Indisystem

matte box,shoot35,cinebox,rig,indifocus pro,Indisystem,canon,7d,dslr

Shoot35,CINEbox,black,filter,thumbscrew,7D,Indisystem,indifocus pro

Shoot35,CINEbox,indifocus pro,Indisystem,7D,Canon,black,thumbscrew,filter tray,filter



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Shoot35’s CINEbox 4×4 Mattebox Ordered!   Leave a comment

So this morning was Shoot35’s limited online release of their newly designed 4×4 swing-away mattebox. I woke up at 3:30am to make sure to be first in line to order it online UK time. There were only 30 units available even less all black units which is what I wanted (anything bright or colorful in the front of the camera screams amateur to me). Thankfully, I was one of the first to put my order in and managed to snatch one. All 30 matteboxes were sold out in under 60 minutes. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

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Lilliput Teaser   Leave a comment

I just picked up a Lilliput HD Monitor for a steadicam job I picked up next week. It’s only temporary until I can get the money together to buy an Ikan VX7 which has HDMI, HD-SDI, and Component input… a perfect all around monitor suitable for all cameras in the industry.

The sled is starting to look proper, although I’m still waiting on the mattebox and I’d love to pick up a Contineo cage from ViewFactor. It would add plenty of weight to the sled…



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7D on the Steadicam   Leave a comment

I decided today to check out exactly how much weight I needed to add to my Glidecam V-16 sled when putting the 7D on it. I took apart my shoulder right setup to use the 36″ rails (the only ones I have, but I ordered 12″ rails last night) and tried getting everything comfy on top of the sled. First problem was the follow focus. It’s a stupid POS Indisystem follow focus and while it does the job, it does an AWFUL one at that. It mounted fine on the FX1 setup, but on the 7D it doesn’t even reach the lens. How annoying. So I had to take it apart and reverse the gearbox on it to make it work. Nothing on it is straight, holes don’t line up. What a nightmare. You get what you pay for. Can’t wait to get rid of it.

But that’s irrelevant. After I put the 7D on the sled and mounted up, I noticed it was considerably underweight. I threw on some sandbags that BEEF gave me on Real Steel (thanks again by the way) which added 5 pounds. Seemed like a good start. I’m thinking once a matte box, monitor and battery are mounted it should probably be about right. I need more money!




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