My Matte Box Has Arrived!   4 comments

So I received my new matte box in the mail yesterday from the UK. It’s a newly released matte box made by the company who introduced the SG Pro 35mm lens adapter for video cameras, Shoot35. I’m very excited about this item! Now I just need to order a set of 4×4 filters from Tiffen and voila! Here are a few photos!

shoot35,matte box,cinebox,black,dslr,canon,7d,indifocus pro,Indisystem

shoot35,cinebox,matte box,7d,canon,black,indifocus pro,Indisystem

matte box,shoot35,cinebox,rig,indifocus pro,Indisystem,canon,7d,dslr

Shoot35,CINEbox,black,filter,thumbscrew,7D,Indisystem,indifocus pro

Shoot35,CINEbox,indifocus pro,Indisystem,7D,Canon,black,thumbscrew,filter tray,filter



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Posted February 15, 2011 by Teddy in Gear, New Release

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4 responses to “My Matte Box Has Arrived!

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  1. Did you order it black?Is there such an option?

  2. what base palte and rails did you used ?

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